Scattering of Mum's Ashes

May 28, 2006

Collaroy Beach


After Mum's ashes were scattered, everyone adjourned to the club to celebrate Mum's life. Being lunch, of course pies were served, along with other refreshments. Friendships were renewed and new friends made.

Unfortunately Fr. Pat Fahey was not well and couldn't attend. He's just had a double knee replacement and looks like he'll need further surgery. Also Fr. Cameron and Fr. Bopf couldn't make it - they're also not in the best of health at present.

Geoffrey, Gladys & Andrea Smith talking with Leonie Jones (Des was elsewhere in the club).

Margaret Armstrong. Paul is standing just behind Margaret.
Neil and Kerri Armstrong unfortunately couldn't make it.


Christine talking with Greg MacMahon & Dave Perry, Vice-President and President of the club.

General conversation at the bar of the club.

Janine Black, Secretary of the club with John Fahey (no relation to Fr. Pat) and Eddie Diggens (sitting).



Dominique talking with Fr. Terry Bell, Priest-in Residence at St Therese Catholic Church, Beauty Point. (Fr Terry is also the Australian Director for Catholic Missions, a very interesting man to talk to.)


And finally, Tommy Pring, Caretaker of the club and our barman on the day.