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Farrell & Associates are a specialist consultancy with a highly innovative and very successful approach to their work. The consultancy is small and remains so as a deliberate strategy of the principal, Jonathan Farrell, who believes that his clients deserve unbiased assistance without the conflicts of interest that inevitably arises from maintaining a large group of consultants.

Farrell & Associates was established in 1983 and since then has earned a deserved reputation for the provision of highly professional, skilled and specialist services in the fields of:  

bulletthe development and implementation of plans - business (strategic), information management, operational and marketing,  
bulletthe linking of business strategies with the required information technology to optimise the achievement of the strategies,  
bulletproject design and management - specifically relating to either change management or IT related projects,  

IT outsourcing assisting organisations in various aspects of outsourcing of IT services e.g.:

-        initial review of requirements

-        identification & definition of services

-        costing of services

-        identification of the optimal service mix (which services should be outsourced and which should be retained in-house)

-        preparation of RFT for outsourcing of services

-        evaluation of vendor responses to RFT

-        contract negotiation between vendor and client

-        assistance with transition from insourced services to outsourcing of services  

bulletservice management - Farrell & Associates are recognised pioneers in this field having spent over 10 years of research which has led to the development of proven methodologies for service costing, service mix analysis, service provision (especially as relates to IT services), pre and post management of outsourced services,
bulletproject review - a highly sensitive area requiring a broad range of knowledge and specialised skills, this is typically required when projects are not running according to plan and some unbiased and confidential project evaluation and risk analysis needs to be performed.  

As specialists in strategic planning, information technology & their alignment, we believe in practising what we preach. Our mission statement is succinct:

"To work with organisations to optimise their business, through the design and development of comprehensive and concise strategic plans which are fully and precisely supported by IT, via the use of appropriate techniques and training, tools and technology."

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